Your clients need to know about you. Together we can make that happen.

Work with Me

Marcia Hutchinson, Creative Director- photoI’m Marcia Hutchinson.  I’m a web designer.  But I’m a lot more. I’m also a bit of mind reader. I can read between the lines. I’m also a former Psychologist and a Coach.

My career path has been anything but a straight line.  Before I became a web designer I was a Psychologist, and artist, and a writer of books. Along the way I’ve picked up a lot of different skills. I bring all of these skills to every project I undertake.

They say one of the first laws of running a successful enterprise of any sort–whether it’s a professional practice or a business or a creative undertaking– is to “Know Thyself.”

Know what’s special about you and what you offer.  Know what makes you stand out from the pack.  That’s where I come in.

Does your Web project need a Therapist? Probably.

My specialty is crafting Web sites that capture your individuality, your brand and your gift to the world. I love to work on projects that are subtle, complex or maybe a bit hard to put into words.  I use my ability to read people and that helps me help YOU find what’s special about YOU and WHAT YOU OFFER.

Truth be told, empathy is my middle name.  When I work with a client to design a web site for their work, I use my well-honed skills to get inside another’s experience to help them recognize it,  own it, embody it and project it.

“Brand”? “Core Identity”? “Heart & Soul”? 

Whatever you call it,Web project design and branding coach they’re all about knowing who you are, what your stand for, your special sauce–what makes you YOU. What you do, the story that you tell, how you present and project that, and the audience you choose to reach–all this is at the heart of a successful web site.

I used to be a Psychologist before becoming a Web designer (read more here).  The most important skill a mental health professional has is the ability to be a good listener, communicator and reader of human nature.

What are you offering? Discover it, own it, embody it and project the “soul” of it.

I’ve worn lots of hats over my long career.  I have many arrows in my quiver.  I will reach into my toolbox for the perfect tool to help you find the people who are looking for YOU