Speak to your audience– and to Google, too!

I will bring all my skills to the table to grasp and translate the subtleties and complexities of your subject matter and turn it into a web site with prose that resonates with your readers and to Google, too.

Therapist's couch with word "Coaching"Psychologist/Life Coach:

Branding? Identity Marketing?  Soul?

As a Psychologist and Life Coach, I helped people define who they are and what they’re doing here. I naturally pick up cues that tell me what’s important to someone. This makes it easy for me to pull out and present what makes you you and your work unique. Some call it branding. I call it Soul. Capturing the soul of your work is what I do.


As a custom designer,  I used to try to read my client’s mind and design, sketch, fabricate and ultimately paint a custom design on a large canvas.  I use the same skills when I design a Web site for a client.  I inquire and listen and try to capture what’s inside them. Then I bring it to life as a fully-formed visual  narrative of their work.

WORDSMITH:Copywriting, Editing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO)Copywriter/Editor:

Your web site or blog is only as good as the words on its pages.

Use them right. Use them colorfully.  And use them in a way that communicates with both your readers and the search engines you ultimately depend on find your Web site.

Google icon

Google loves WordPress

To please both human eyes and those of Google requires a knowledge of how to use language and where to place emphasis. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a “dark art.”  And it needs the touch of a good copywriter.

I know my way around the language and can help you hone and refine your verbal narrative to say exactly what you want to say in exactly the way you need to say it.