Project & Identity Coaching

Defining Who You Are and What You Do

Sometimes You Need a Little Help

word art: brand, soul, heart, niche, individuality, humanity, core centerThe real work of putting together a web site that works for you, is to identify the heart of your work.  In some circles that’s called “branding.”   I prefer to think of it as defining who you are, what makes you YOU and whom you most want to attract to your work.

GoodWorx offers coaching for people struggling to put what they do into words, trying to capture the heart of their work and to focus on the audience they wish to attract.

Your Niche: Focus is the Magic Word

Your niche as a professional is very important to define.  It’s where your special gifts meet your target audience. The more focused your web site is– the more it defines what’s unique about you.  The clearer you can be about which people can most benefit from what you offer–the better the odds that search engines will find you.   The easier it is for search engines to find you, the more likely  you are to going to be found by the people looking for your special offerings.

Perhaps you already have a web site but it doesn’t quite match you.  Maybe it’s well conceived, but not well optimized for search engines.  Could be it says more about your web designer than it does about YOU.

Let  GoodWorx help you by asking the right questions and interpreting your answers.  From there, a great web site is just a matter of putting it all together.  Some times a single session will do the trick.  Other times it takes a bit longer.  But the effort is well worth it when the people looking for YOU actually can find YOU.


Is it time to upgrade your Web site?
If you still don’t have a Web site for your business, then now is a good time to build one. Potential clients and customers are looking for you. Will they find you?

If you’re already online, but your Web site is looking old and tired, then a Web site makeover should be in your near future. If the site you have doesn’t really represent who you really are and what you really do, then it’s time to bring in a designer who “gets” you.

You’ve changed over time. Shouldn’t your Web presence change along with you?

Either way, GoodWorx can helpContact us to begin the process.