Update Your Own Content on Your Current Web Site or a New One

Have you always wished you could edit your Web site’s content without having to call your Web designer?

Well, there is a way.  Actually, there’s more than one way.

DIY Content Management Systems (CMS)

Content in King. Change if frequently.

WordPress is an excellent format for someone who wants to be able to update their own content.  But sometimes, it’s overkill.

There are simpler and less expensive ways to add editing and content updating features to an already-existing Web site.  It’s kind of like retrofitting your house–adding new features after it has already been built.

OK, here’s the situation:

  • You’d like to be able to tweak and update your content to keep your Web site fresh and relevant.
  • You have a small, simple Web site (say under 10 pages), and building a complicated database-driven CMS (content management system) is much more than you need.
  • You’re not interested in adding a blog or forum or other dynamic elements.
  • Your site is already designed (in HTML) and it’s already live and you’re not ready to do it all over again.

Here’s the deal:

It is possible to add the capability to update your own Web site without major “surgery.” With some changes to the site’s coding, you will be able to edit your own content by working on it in a Web browser (e.g. Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari or Chrome).  If you know how to edit a page in a word processor, then you will be able to edit your own Web page content.  Easily.

There’s no need to redesign your whole Web site– unless you want to.  Of course, an approach like this also works in a newly-designed Web site.  With it there is no need to set up a database and get all complicated with an alphabet soup of programming (e.g. CSS, PHP, MySql, etc.).

Editing and updating your own content is a great ability to have.  By keeping your content up to date you make your Web site more attractive to the search engines and to readers.  All this helps to improve your position in search engine results.

Keep it simple.  Update your own content. Keep your Web site fresh.

Cost-Effective CMS

Setting up a Content Management System (CMS) can be a very cost-effective choice.  GoodWorx will be happy to discuss your options with you.  

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