A Comprehensive Toolbox: Web Design, Project coaching, Content Development & Branding

Wordsmithing & Editing: finding the right language to convey your content and attract the search engines. Writing content from scratch or editing yours. We write for your audience and for the Search Engines.

Graphic Design & Branding: choosing colors, images and layout that capture and communicate the appropriate tone and aesthetic. Preparing your visuals for fast loading on the Web. Logo Design.

Project Coaching & Management: Coaching to clarify your goals and needs for your Web presence.

Conceptual & Informational Design: organizing your information in a intuitive and logical way so visitors can find what they’re looking for–easily.

Content Management Systems: Self-updating Web sites/ database and non-database-driven for both simple and complex Web sites.

Technical Execution: designing a site that is simple, accessible and easy-to-navigate and recognized by Search Engines.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Submission preparing your text with the proper keywords and elements required to get the attention of search engines and ultimately high placement in search engine results.

Domain registration support and Web site hosting.

Site maintenance: Security protection through backups and software updates. Disaster prevention and recovery from data loss.

Internet searches for expanding markets