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When you put yourself out to the public through your Web presence, you want your Web site to speak well for you.  You need a site with dignity, credibility and professionalism. You can see some examples from our porftolio of other sites GoodWorx has designed for professionals like you.

As a professional who performs a service for the public, you need to convey who you are, what you do, and the spirit in which you do it. This is often called “branding,” but we much prefer to think about it as the heart and soul of who you are and what you do.  Although the term “branding” is easily understood, it also tends to look at you as a commodity– which you are not.

As a professional,  you are your main product. Your unique identity and the essence of your approach to your work needs to shine through in your web pages.

Your prospective clients and patients want to know this about you before they engage your services. Then they will know they have come to the right place and have found the right fit in a professional helper.

Not all Web designers offer this degree of insight. You need a Web designer who can listen and ferret out and  capture the essence of what’s special about you and the way you work.

Web Sites for Health and Medical Professionals,
Attorneys, Consultants, and More

Your future clients and patients are looking for you online. Will they find you?

A well-designed Web site can do wonders in promoting your practice

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In today’s world, many people look for their helpers online.  Especially people under 55. They want to know that you are a forward-looking professional.   That you are modern and understand their world. If you’re looking for clients in this demographic, then YOU need to be online too.

You may think of your practice as local, and of your reputation as something built by word of mouth. That’s true, but not the whole truth. Fact is, you never know where your next referral or opportunity will come from.  In our “global village” the rules and the boundaries have changed.  Of course word of mouth and an ongoing reputation will serve you well in attracting referrals.  But times have changed.  Having a Web site that speaks well for you 24/7 is an excellent investment in the success of your professional practice.

Your Web site supports the perception that you are the right professional for the job.

  • your specialties and offerings
  • your practice philosophy
  • your achievements and distinctions

Your referral sources have access to the Internet, and they will use the information you provide on your Web site to determine who they will send to your practice.

Define your niche. Establish your expertise

  • Do you lead seminars?
  • Have you written books, articles or white papers about a particular subject area?
  • Have you been honored by professional organizations?

Are you looking for opportunities beyond your local area?

An online presence is an excellent way to define yourself as an expert. Whether you’re a psychologist with a book or workshop to promote, a physician with expertise in nutritional approaches to ADD, an attorney who specializes in intellectual property law for creatives, a consultant or a financial professional who helps people invest in socially responsible ways, a strong presence on the Web–with a distinct personality– can help you establish credibility as an expert and as the go-to professional for the job.

Save time and money by supporting  your practice, 24/7

While you go about doing what you do best–your practice–your Web site delivers your information on your behalf 24/7 by:

  • explaining the nature of your work
  • showing how you think about the work you do
  • spelling out the successes you have had, and
  • describing the special expertise you offer to your clients.

A professional Web site can streamline your practice and save face time for you and your staff  by offering clients downloadable forms, directions, handouts and more.

While your Web site educates your clients, you can be doing what rewards you most. Your work.

Educate potential clients/patients about the value of your professional services, and the importance of choosing a qualified professional. By providing information about the nature of your practice–and what defines YOU as a professional— you will attract a better-informed and more appropriate clientele.

Educate your existing clients by providing links on your Web site to resources that help them help themselves and help you save time and effort.

  • Market your workshops and seminars
  • Publicize and sell your books
  • Promote products related to your practice

Your Web site supports the perception that you are the right professional for the job.

  • your specialties,
  • your services,
  • your educational credentials,
  • your publications,
  • your awards and honors
  • your products, and more

Choosing the right Web designer

Your Web site is an investment of time and money. The right Web designer can spell the difference between a pleasant, educative process and a waste of precious resources. Choosing a Web designer who has herself been a service professional (a former Psychologist in private practice), and who specializes in capturing the heart of what you do (AKA your brand) is a big step in the right direction.

A well-worded, visually strong, intuitive and easy-to-navigate Web site is what you need. One that’s also custom designed, distinctive and well matched to the nature of your work, will put you and your practice on the map.

An online presence that conveys who you are and what you do in a dignified and professional way is an excellent way to be found by the clients YOU WANT TO WORK WITH,

You're a professional. You have special needs
Your Web site is an extension of who you ARE, and it needs to reflect the essence of your work.

You need an online presence that is:

  • intelligent
  • dignified and discreet
  • classy, and
  • professional

Flashy high-tech fireworks and slick commercialism won’t impress the people you need to reach. What you need is to convey your qualities and credentials and to inspire trust.

To design or re-design your Web site, GoodWorx is a great choice. Hire an adult– and a former health care professional-turned-web designer!

We know just what you need