Unique Web Sites for Health and Service Professionals

Sample Web Sites for Health/Service Professionals

Marla Zucker, Ph.D.- Boston Sport & Performance Psychology

montage of home page and inside page of the website for Dr. Marla Zucker, Boston Sport & Performance Psychology

Home and inside page of website for Boston Sport & Performance Psychology

Web site for a private practice in Sport & Performance Psychology for Marla Zucker, Ph.D. in Brookline, MA.

bostonsportpsych.com is a  WordPress site and Blog designed for a private practice focusing on sport and performance issues for athletes and performance artists.

In the design process, the client asked for a site that reflected the positive spirit that is a centerpiece of her work.  She was seeking a clean, professional-looking site that incorporated her favorite warm colors–red, yellow and orange and that played well with the logo she already had in hand.

Dr. Zucker was clear from the start that she wanted an attached Blog to publish articles about her discipline and promote and establish her authority in the field.  Much of our work together involved instruction about how to optimize her content for search engines and to speak to her human audience at the same time.

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Steven Hentoff, Ph.D- Clinical Neuropsychologist

home and inside page sample- Steven Hentoff, Ph.D. web site

Web site for a private practice in Clinical Neuropsychology for Steven Hentoff, Ph.D.

StevenHentoff.com is a  site GoodWorx designed directly for the WordPress platform.  The client, a psychologist, finally succumbed to the lure of the Web on the urging of his children who recognized how important it is for mental health professionals in private practice to have a presence on the World Wide Web.  What goes for mental health professionals is equally true for professionals of all stripes.

In the design, we were going for a well organized site that met the client’s aesthetic standards and could contain content about his practice that would educate his prospective clients as well as streamline some of the functions of running a private practice .


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Susan Lebel Young, Author of “Food Fix” and Mindfulness Teacher

Website and Blog for Susan Lebel Young, Author & Mindfulness Teacher

Website and Blog for Susan Lebel Young, Author & Mindfulness Teacher

Susan Lebel Young was about to launch the publication of her new book, Food Fix, a book about the Mindfulness approach to Food Frenzy.  She is also a retired psychotherapist.

She timed the launch of the web site and blog to support the release of the book.  The site’s main purpose is to market the new book and her previous and future books.

Because her work is based on a Mindfulness approach, she was seeking a site that conveyed a calm center.  She loves earth colors, so that was the inspiration for the palette used for the site.

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Maura Abate, PhD, Licensed Psychologist-

home page of web site for psychologist

Web Site for Psychologist, Maura Abate, Ph.D, Clinical Child Neuropsychologist

This is a “single-page” Web site for a Psychologist and Clinical Child Neuropsychologist in private practice. The one page format of the site belies the amount of information it contains thanks to the presence of an ingenious device, the accordian panel that compresses several pages of information into a sleek, clean, efficient and professional design. GoodWorx was responsible for the design, palette, graphics, concept and site architecture.



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Best Performance Interview Coaching

Best Performance Interview Coaching page samplesBest Performance Interview Coaching is a site designed directly for WordPress.  The site’s owner, an Interview Coach and CEO of his own coaching business, wanted a web site that would be clean, simple, relatively monochromatic and easy to navigate. The site contains a Blog (titled “On the Issues”) where he can demonstrate his command of his profession and address timely issues in the field of employment coaching.
The client provided a logo, but a fairly dark and heavy looking , low contrast version of the final logo. GoodWorx tweaked the background and some of the color relationships and ended up with the logo you see here.



This is an archived site.





Sample Site for CoreWork, PC- Psychologist in Private Practice

Sample website for a psychologist in private practice

I begin with this site as it serves as a sample of what can be done with a Web site attached to a professional practice.

This Web site is built around a no-longer-active Psychology practice of Dr. Marcia Germaine Hutchinson, now the Creative Director and principal of GoodWorx Web Design. The content of the site is true, but no longer in the present. This is a sample Web site to demonstrate the options available to Psychologists, Mental Health Professionals, and other Health and Service professionals.

Many health and mental health professionals are reluctant to enter the world of the Web. There is a long-held taboo against advertising that dies hard. Yet, having a Web site is one of the best things a health professional can do to attract new clients, establish credibility and expertise as a health or mental health provider. It is also a very efficient way to use resources and stay connected to your clients.

This Web site– for Corework, PC– describes my Psychology practice as it was several years ago, before I turned my attention to Web design. I created it retroactively, well after retiring from the profession just to illustrate the possibilities. This sample is intended to show what can be done with a Web site in connection with a Health Care practice, and the ways that it can be useful in building a practice and communicating with existing clients.

Some possible features include listing (and selling) publications; promoting (and registering) events and workshops; writing about issues relevant to your patients and clients; answering questions frequently asked by patients or clients, publishing a resource list for clients, and much, much more. On a more nuts and bolts level and in ways that can save you and your office staff time, a Web site can be used to publish a map and directions to your office; display your fee structure and insurances accepted, offer a printable intake form, and publish client handouts and homework.

SOFARUSA: Strategic Outreach to Families of All Reservists

SOFARUSA Web site- home and inside page

SOFARUSA: Mental Health Nonprofit for Military Families

SOFARUSA approached GoodWorx to take over the management of their Web site.  It became clear that the site, as it stood, was in need of updating, both in content and design.  As a nonprofit, SOFAR was working with a limited budget, so GoodWorx created a new design that was affordable to the group.  It was important to them that their logo be preserved and that the redesign retain a familiar feel.  GoodWorx concentrated mostly on a functional overhaul of the way that content was presented while maintaining a similar look and feel to the Web site.



This is an archived site.



Barry Skoff, Ph.D.- Child Clinical Neuropsychologist-

sample pages from BarrySkoffPhD.com

Web Site for Dr. Barry Skoff, Clinical Child Neuropsychologist

This is a Web site for a Child Neuropsychologist in private practice in Boston’s North Shore. Dr. Skoff requested a simple and clean site.  Although Dr. Skoff works primarily with children with learning disabilities and neuropsychological issues, the children’s parents are Dr. Skoff’s target audience. With the help of GoodWorx, the site is “friendly” to parents who are looking for help for their children  GoodWorx is responsible for the design, palette, graphics, copy editing and search engine optimization.


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Infectious Diseases/ AIDS Clinical Trials Unit, Beth Israel Medical Center, New York City

screenshots- Infectious Diseases/AIDS Clinical Trials Unit-Beth Israel Medical Center, NYC

IDACTU Clinical Trials: Beth Israel Medical Center, NYC

GoodWorx was approached in 2004 to create a Web site for a clinical trials unit at a major hospital in Manhattan.

At the time it was dedicated to testing new drugs in the treatment of HIV/AIDS.  In recent years the unit has broadened its focus to Infectious Diseases.

They asked GoodWorx to build a site that would radiate hope and would be warm and non-clinical so that it would attract potential  volunteers for their studies of new medications–clinical trials. The site was to focus on listing clinical trials and seeking volunteer recruits for testing new HIV/AIDS medications.

The project was a complicated one where GoodWorx had to work with a team of medical and research and outreach staff members to arrive at a design that satisfied everyone. It required project management skills to bring all parties to the same page regarding style choices.

The hospital project began with a logo –(previously designed) with cheerful colors of turquoise, green, orange and bright yellow–that set the tone for the site’s palette.  The site was originally designed as a dynamic database-driven site  with a Content Management System. GoodWorx brought in programmers to take care of the more technical underpinnings of the site’s backend.  Over the years, it became clear that this technology was overkill for how the project evolved over time.  Recently, it has been converted to a static HTML site.

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Marilyn Hardy, MS, CFP, Holistic Counselor/ Feldenkrais Practitioner

MarilynHardy.com screenshot

Marilyn Hardy, M.S., Feldenkrais Teacher & Life Purpose Counselor

This Web site and Blog was created for a solo practitioner who offers  individual and group workshops in Sensory Integration, The Feldenkrais Method, Consciousness Development and Life Direction.

She uses this Web site and Blog as a marketing piece for her private practice, her Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement, Following the Sun and Callings workshops and her movement CD, Your Back in Nature.

The site is a redesign and makeover from a much older static, HTML site.  It now runs on WordPress.



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Dory Cote, Shamanic/Energy Healer

home and inside page of Web site for alternative healerGoodWorx designed the site and created all the graphics (except for the original artwork).










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