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WordPress: The software engine for today, and going forward

Why WordPress? Because it just works

If it’s good enough for the New York Times, Best Buy, and many other large and complex Web sites, just think what it can do for your site!

Most Web sites GoodWorx builds these days are powered by WordPress.  What started out as a software for bloggers has now matured into an engine that powers dynamic Web sites– small, simple Web sites and large, complex sites that require Content Management Systems (CMS).

Many Reasons to Build on WordPress

  • Google Hearts WordPress

Choosing WordPress over many alternative software platforms is a no-brainer. WordPress seems to have a direct line to search engines, and can improve your Web site’s standing in search results far better and faster than a standard, static, HTML Web site.

  • Easy addition of a Blog that’s easy to update

Maintaining a Blog with articles about your field of interest is one of the best things you can do as a professional or a business to attract readers. The ability to write timely articles (AKA Blog Posts) about your subject matter can position you as an expert in your field.  And each additional article you write–whether it’s an announcement of an upcoming event or a technical article about your expertise– provides a bright and shiny object for search engines to “notice.”  When you can catch the attention of search engines on a regular basis, you become easier to be found when a prospective client comes searching for the work you offer.  A Blog is also an excellent opportunity to keep up a ”conversation” with your readers.

  • Customization for optimal identity and branding

All GoodWorx sites are custom built from the ground up.  From the look and feel of the site to the organization of content to the use of addon functional software to accomplish what your site needs to accomplish.  All this is possible using WordPress.  As long as it’s in the hands of a capable designer.

  • Easy management & regular updating improve search engine position

WordPress-powered Web sites offer clients the opportunity to manage and update their own web content.  Some choose to do it themselves, while others source that management to GoodWorx. Regular updating will get your Web site noticed by Google and other search engines.  Good search results mean more traffic to your Web site and more clients or customers for you.

  • A manageable learning curve for clients

Every new site GoodWorx designs using WordPress comes with up to two hours of support built into the pricing.  And continued support if necessary.  A brief User’s Manual guides you through how to update the content of your own site.  You’ll find written and video tutorials on this Web site designed to make your work as painless and seamless as possible. Or if you’d prefer, GoodWorx will handle the maintenance and updating for you.

WordPress: the little software engine that could

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