WordPress Basics-Tutorials: Write and Publish a Post

Posts v. Pages

Posts constitute the core of a WordPress blog, AKA the “Loop”. Pages tend to be static entities, e.g Home page, About page, etc. Pages hold content that rarely changes.

Posts, on the other hand, change frequently (assuming you keep writing them). Posts are time-oriented and generally consist of content that a is timely and “newsy.” In most blog or blog-like web sites, the newest and freshest Post is usually at the top of the “pile.” As newer Posts are published the older ones sink towards the bottom of the page.

I always recommend that my clients make their Pages be somewhat generic while their Posts are targeted to a specific audience or a narrow subject.  In search engines, it’s often the Posts that garner the most attention– because they change and are fresh and are clearly focused on a specific topic.

Regardless of the differences between how Pages and Posts function, the process of writing and publishing both are very similar.

Here is a brief video tutorial that teaches the basics of writing and publishing a Post:

Creating Posts in WordPress-link to tutorial

Creating Posts in WordPress


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